Mariannes Dukker-Nisser-Trolde-Kikkasser


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Welcome to my homepage

My name is Marianne Thomassen

I am an educated china painter from Royal Copenhagen (Den kongelig porcelæns Fabrik), but for many years I have devoted myself to children and young people.
Through my work I have had access to many different material which has devoloped my creative abilities. I started sewing pictures in sateen, and then I did flower arranging, now I make pixies, trolls an "looking cases".
Pixies and trolls are modelled in cerenit (polymert ler). The bodies are made af wire and wadding, so they can be bent to stand and sit, just like you want them to.
The furniture in the "looking cases" are made in balsa, the only tool you need is a hobby-knife, as this type af wood is very soft. My husband makes the cases for me. Very often I go to the flee-market, where I find a lot of funny things from the time with type cases. Lots af stuff from the household can be used as well. The cap from the washing-up liquid can be used as a lamp; tiny transparent caps from the gel-spray are nice little bonbonnieres, there are so many things if you just look at it with "miniature-eyes".
The scanner is a fantastic tool to make things in miniature. There isn't a thing you can't minimise to the size you want, like papers, flour-bags, raisin-packets etc. there are almost no limits. Before the computer I used the advertising folders that came through my door, where things are minimised as well.
My homepage still is not finished. I have many things to photograph, but if you fell I hope you while enjoy looking at the things I like making.